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Which cotton garment is best for printing? - Sage Screenprinting

Which cotton garment is best for printing?

Ring Spun Cotton (Bella +Canvas, Next Level brands) vs Carded Open End Cotton Garments (Gildan Heavy Cotton, Alstyle brands).

  1. Smoother surface: Ring spun cotton has a smoother surface due to the finer yarn that is produced through the manufacturing process. This makes it easier to print on and ensures that the ink adheres evenly, resulting in a clearer and more precise print.

  2. Durability: Ring spun cotton is more durable and resistant to pilling, meaning that the print will last longer and maintain its quality over time.

  3. Softness: Ring spun cotton is softer than open end cotton, making it more comfortable to wear against the skin. This can be particularly important for printed apparel, as customers are more likely to wear and enjoy items that are soft and comfortable.

  4. Higher quality: Ring spun cotton is generally considered to be of higher quality than open end cotton due to its finer yarn and smoother surface. This can be an important consideration for customers who are looking for high-quality, long-lasting printed apparel.

  5. Versatility: Ring spun cotton can be used for a wide range of apparel items, from t-shirts and sweatshirts to dress shirts and bed sheets.

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