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Why does my art need an under base?

Why does my art need an under base?

When printing light colored ink (we call it ink, not paint), we almost always recommend to use and under base. Because this is considered another color, many customers ask, "Why does my art need and under base?".

An under base is a layer of ink that is printed onto a dark-colored garment before the final colors are added. Here are some of the main reasons why an under base is used in screen printing:

  1. Opacity: An under base is used to create a solid base layer of ink that covers the dark-colored fabric and provides a solid foundation for the final colors to be printed on top. Without an under base, the colors tend to appear muted or may not be visible at all on dark fabrics.

  2. Color accuracy: An under base ensures that the final colors are accurate and true to the original design. Without an under base, the colors may be affected by the dark color of the fabric and may not appear as intended.

  3. Adhesion: An under base helps the ink to adhere properly to the fabric, reducing the risk of cracking or peeling over time.

  4. Print durability: An under base increases the longevity of the print by providing a solid base layer that helps to prevent the ink from fading or washing out over time.

  5. Dye-migration defense: On garments with a high poly or other synthetic fabric content (performance wear), we use a special type of under base that blocks the synthetic fibers from releasing the dye (migrating) into the top colors when exposed to the heat of the curing process. It allows for sharp and vibrant printing on dark colored garments, even with synthetic or performance fabrics.

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